1. Research Development and Training

1.1 Centre for Research Lab (CRL)

Centre for Research Lab is established by Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust (PESPCT) as a Research Centre under which research support is provided for the scholars pursuing PhDs. It is fully equipped with sophisticated instruments accessible to all the researchers. The main objective of the CRL is to promote high-quality research in science and engineering disciplines by providing facilities and technical expertise in support of basic and applied research activities. The laboratory promotes scientific thinking and experimental exposure for researchers.

Ever since this CRL was established, it has been making all-around efforts in promoting research activities in PESPCT, by motivating its members in various disciplines providing them necessary guidance and required directions and creating a conducive environment for undertaking productive research through PESPCT.

In addition to the above functions, the CRL also motivates all institutional faculty members to publish papers in high-quality journals of international repute. Many research Programs are also organized to teach them the methods involved in publishing quality books and journals.

The mission of the CRL is to increase the quantity and quality of research in PESPCT by advising on strategic research issues, major research areas to be focused on, research core facilities, general issues concerning research infrastructure, etc. CRL gives high priority to research areas in which PESPCT can achieve national and international pre-eminence which will substantively improve the research activities of CRL and take them to the next level.

CRL is established with the following objectives

  • To serve and support research activities of faculty and students.
  • To meet the experimental/ numerical/ analytical / testing needs of government organizations, R & D laboratories, industries etc.
  • To provide training for the needy researchers and other technical staff who are desirous of pursuing research.
  • To provide technical support and consultancy.
  • To coordinate with academic, research-related and scientific organizations on sharing  and exchanging technical expertise. CRL has established a Scientific Affairs & Research Activities to assist Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust (PESPCT) system to liaison with various aspiring minds to promote inter-disciplinary and co-disciplinary research by coordinating with various agencies.

Following are the functions of this CRL:

  • To guide and advice  authorities regarding various funding resources for the development of PESPCT.
  • To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance.
  • To assist academic departments of PESPCT in preparing research proposals for various agencies.
  • To co-ordinate between aspiring minds and PESPCT regarding research projects and other related matters.
  • To identify the areas of research with contemporary relevance and advise the faculty to undertake multidisciplinary projects.
  • To monitor and review research activities and suggest measures for improvement if necessary.
  • To promote industrial collaborations involving active and mutually beneficial R & D projects.

CRL strives hard to address the issues of society at large which mainly focuses on Science and Technology from time to time. CRL is committed to providing excellence in fundamental and applied research as well as the development of innovative technologies for the future.

2. Centre for Training & Development (CTD)

Centre for Training & Development (CTD) as a capacity building institution have been established to ensure that the skill needs for every sector are identified and that training is available to provide for these skill needs to public and private organizations, Colleges, Schools, agencies NGOs, and corporate bodies.

Our training programs are structured around present human capital training demand, an anticipation of the future needs and we share a passionate belief in the power of effective knowledge and skills transfer to optimize an organization's intellectual capital.

Training takes place at our training center, our state-of-the-art facility, using latest computer-assisted learning programs and progressive teaching methods are just some of the reasons that the training center enjoys a reputation as one of the most advanced training center in Chennai.

Our course materials are supported by a variety of Formative and Summative assessment activities ensuring that once a learner completes training programmes they possess not only knowledge but also the transferable skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

2.1 Academicians / Corporate and Customized Training

Pranavam is proud to offer quality learning at an affordable fee. Our faculty members and training consultants are highly competent with diversified expertise and backgrounds.

We assess your learning needs and determine the optimal training path for your Varsity/College/Company/organization. We will work together to provide your staff members with the knowledge and competencies necessary to excel.

2.2 Training the Trainers

A special training course offered for the faculties by conducting faculty development programmes in their colleges thereby enhancing their pedagogic skills and make them more knowledgeable to face the latest trends in Science and Technology

Our training activities is offered in English and Tamil in our own classrooms or online.

The Centre for Training & Development (CTD) strongly believes in recruiting, developing and challenging talented employees. A wide range of training and coaching is designed specifically for teaching Professional and support staff. For PhD scholars, we have made an attractive training program.

The Centre for Training and Development (CTD)  conducts the following programs. The details will be  floated in the Web  site on time.


Training Programmes

  • Manpower Training Programs - Based on the requirement from Institutions
  • Placement Training Programs - Based on the requirement from Institutions
  • Interview Training Programs - Based on the requirement from Institutions
  • Curriculum-Based Training Programs - Open for all
  • National Conference - Twice a year
  • International Conference - Twice a year
  • Workshop - Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies
  • Seminars - Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies
  • Faculty Development Programs - Minimum 2 Programs by CTD & Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies
  • Short-Term Job Oriented Programs - Based on the requirement from Institutions

3. Centre for Academic Excellence

The Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) aims to disseminate and augment the eminence in educational and scientific development.

The Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) was started by Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust to give supporting and quality higher education by implementing the latest scientific methods and standards. CAE is an autonomous body empowered by PESPCT that takes care of the day-to-day operations which include the conduct of Short-term courses through a hassle-free admission procedures and affordable fees.

The Pedagogic body is conscientious in preparing the apt curriculum and an organizational component is accountable for maintaining its day-to-day maneuvers. CAE proposes educational programmes for the unemployable youngsters and graduants.

Values: The CAE endeavors by towering to Education, Empowerment, and Emancipation through wisdom Significance towards merit in scientific education, eminence, and technical edification Promote novelty and originality.

3.1 Courses Offered

  1. Post graduate Diploma in CAD & CAM
  2. Post graduate Diploma in Computer Science
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in E-Learning
  4. Diploma in Materials Management
  5. Diploma in Computer Graphics and Animation
  6. Diploma in Cyber Law and Information security
  7. Diploma in Academic Law

4. Services Offered

  1. Ph.D Guidance
  2. Conduct of Workshops, Conferences
  3.  Placement services


 Outcome of the Services:

Enhancement of knowledge in the specific areas of research

To become knowledgeable Person by augmenting through the research lab

Career opportunity and succession in the research field of workforce

4.1 Ph.D Guidance

We facilitate admissions in research centers of affiliated colleges and Deemed Universities in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Our services are comprehensive and includes support and guidance right from the application stage to award stage. Our services include the following

  1. Identifying the appropriate guide.
  2. Creating awareness on research methodologies
  3. Helping in identifying the problem and further course of action
  4. Collaborating with the required research centres and laboratories for carrying out the experimentation.
  5.  Aiding the process of doctoral committee.
  6. vetting of synopsis report
  7. Publishing of findings in renowned journals
  8. Guidance for thesis writing.

Method of Admission: First Cum First Serve basis (Maximum - 20 seats per programs). However, the Trust can increase or decrease the number of seats based on the nature and availability of staff and students for the concerned programs.

4.2 Conduct of Workshops and Conferences

Enable the Institutions/Corporates/ Industries in organizing National and International conferences and conduct workshops of all needy topics

Some of the workshops we conduct on popular demand are :-

  • Workshops on Research Methodology
  • Workshops on Research Insights
  • Seminars on Publication Strategies
  • Workshop on Statistical Guidance
  • Workshop on SPSS

4.3 Placement Services

We organize placement drives in collaboration with colleges and guide students for the process of recruitment.

Our major recruiting partners are:-