About Us

Pranavam Research and Development Organization (PRDO), an offshoot of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust also facilitates multifarious programmes in the field of education empowering individuals, organizations and the community at large to maximize the benefits of the information age.

Pranavam Research and Development Organization (PRDO) established in 2013 with the objective of providing educational related services has the following verticals

Research & Consultancy

Research is of vital importance in developing countries like ours. Its role is very crucial in making it possible for our country to join the global knowledge society and compete with the economies of other nations. This vertical has been created with the purpose of creating and disseminating knowledge in a range of disciplines and fields in order to permit teaching and research at the highest possible level. In this regard we sensitize the faculty members working in the various departments of the Institution about the need for research related activities and create awareness about the avenues for research. We also guide the interested faculty members to prepare proposals to be sent to the various funding agencies relevant to their field of specializations and also help in tapping resources from government, quasi government and non-governmental agencies. We also facilitate funding through industry and corporates.

Accreditation Consultancy

PRDO offers Consultancy services to Educational Institutions aspiring to get accreditated by NBA – AICTE, NAAC – UGC and ABET(USA). The team includes eminent academicians, former Principals and Deans to guide the faculty members and the management on the complete process for accreditation starting from application stage all the way to peer committee expert visit. We have completed more than 75 Institutions successfully with A,A+ grades.



Pranavam Publications under the aegis of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust (PESPCT) have 5 International Journals which includes UGC Aprroved and Indexed Journals.

Pranavam Publications is aiming to disseminate information to the entire Community of this world with the objective of enhancing Knowledge, Education, Scientific Learning, and Research via quality Journals, Books, Magazines and related materials in the field of Engineering, Science, Management and Medicine. It seeks and ensures innovative methods to improve the quality of publications.

Counseling for admissions

PRANAVAM – is an Academy of excellence for NEET/IIT-JEE Examinations. PRANAVAM was created with the SOLE MISSION of training school students in the BEST POSSIBLE way to crack the NEET/IIT-JEE Examinations and fulfill their long-cherished dream of becoming a Doctor and IITian.